“The [DPIJI Fellowship] goes above and beyond other similar reporting grants in the partnership with experienced editors—my editing partners helped take my piece from routine to outstanding. The efforts the Moment staff made to publicize my story helped it get one of the biggest audiences of any story of my career, setting me up to get more great work. “—Eve Fairbanks, 2013 DPIJI fellow & author of A House Divided
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Moment places a high value on in-depth investigative reporting that provides the reader with a 360-degree view of the story—and those are skills that we look for in a Daniel Pearl Fellow. (Applicants should be between 22 and 38 years old.)
Next deadline is February 15, 2019
To apply, please provide the following:
Name, date of birth and contact information. 
Three clips from a print or digital publication, including at least one long-form story.
A brief description of the story you want to investigate and how familiar you are with the issue.
A recommendation from a professor or editor about why you are the right person to report this story; and phone numbers and e-mails for three additional references.
A detailed reporting plan that lists the 20 or so sources you intend to interview and a timeline for travel, if needed.
Fellows are expected to begin work within three months of being accepted; final copy is due within six months. Preference is given to applicants familiar with the issues they propose to investigate. 
DPIJI Fellowship Application
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Fellows will receive a $5,000 grant; half in advance and half upon completion. Moment will match you with one or more mentors from our advisory board; you will also work with an editor at the magazine.
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